What did you do this summer?

On the dock at sun set. Getting ready for an evening at the camp fire.

What have you been up to this summer? We’ve made the summer pilgrimage up to the cottage. Around mid-summer, I take some time off and head for the Haliburton Highlands. It’s a vast oasis of low to no cell coverage, spotty internet connections and nature. 

Haliburton is an area in central Ontario just south of Algonquin Provincial Park[^1]. The park is 7,630 square kilometres of protected area preserving an ecological habitat for many indigenous species.  It’s a transitional ecosystem where the Northern boreal forest merges with the Southern hardwood forest. The forest is a sight to be seen during the fall.

Haliburton Highlands highlighted on a google map.

It usually takes us about 3 hours to get up to the cottage. We cram the car with the packs and coolers and hit the road making a few stops along the way for some eats. Once we are up there we look to starting the unwinding process.

However, before we can unwind there’s work to be done. A maple tree came down and it needed to be cleaned up. Luckily it missed the cottage and outbuildings (the outhouse and a shed) but ended up crushing the boat trailer. The Boys, I and Grampa made quick work of the logs all with supervision from Caffery (our dog.)

The weather was mixed with a bit of rain off and on so we ended up playing a few games of Giant Jenga one of the mornings.  The only problem with Giant Jenga is the bruises. If you don’t move quick enough – Bam!

Watch out for the falling bricks – Playing Giant Jenga on a rainy morning

Once the rain cleared it was time to get outdoors. Everyone eventually made it outside including our dock neighbours. The Northern Water Snakes[^2]. We have a family of three water Snakes living under the dock. They come out during the day to sun themselves on the rocks. 

One of the three Norther Water Snakes living under the dock.

They are harmless but a pretty good size. They’ve been living there for several years now. We leave each other alone and say “Hi” on the way to the dock. 

The boys were able to get in some Kayaking.  My oldest and youngest bonded with a tour around the lake. 

Even Caffery was able to take part in some water activities. I loaded a video of my oldest playing ball with the dog. He loves his ball and is not the swiftest at times. 

Caffery playing ball … or does he?

That’s some of our fun for the summer. What did you do this summer break?

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[^1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algonquin_Provincial_Park

[^2]: https://ontarionature.org/programs/citizen-science/reptile-amphibian-atlas/northern-watersnake/

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