This post is for the crapper

I was not kidding when I said this post is for the crapper. I literally meant it. A little bit ago the family was sitting watching TV. I heard water running but dismissed it as it was likely one of the boys having a shower. After a few minutes, I went to get a drink and noticed water on the floor. Uh, oh.

I ran back to the family room and did a quick head count… 1, 2, 3… Shit, all three boys were accounted for and staring at me puzzled. I swore and ran upstairs to find the bathroom flooded.  After the initial commotion and all hands stood to, we were able to get the water under control. What a mess. It took us the rest of the evening, and well into the wee hours to sop up the water and get the dehumidifier going.  

Finally picked up a new crapper

We went out today and picked up a new toilet. Here’s the installation of the new thrown.  This is the old toilet. The crack ran from the top of the tank all the way to the underside where it connected to the base.

It was odd as none of us had used this bathroom that day.  Next, I took the tank off (wish I had some paint to touch up the walls.)

I think it was just fatigue, but I’ve never heard of porcelain spontaneously cracking like that.

Off with the base. Tossed out the old seal as well as it was going on 20 years. The new toilet came with a nice thick wax seal (did a little scrub of the floor too.)

On with the new base… so sparkly.

About half an hour later we had it all installed and in working order. Ready for the next use. 

It was quite an adventure and a bit of a scramble when the tank cracked. All in all it’s probably time to think about replacing the porcelain thrones in the house. Hopefully, before the next one decides to spontaneously crack. 

Let me know about your flooding adventures in the comments below.

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