The poppy should continue to grow, lest we forget – past and present

I saw this post on a friend’s facebook wall (thanks, Martin) and needed to share it.  It’s not often that something gets to me but this sure did.

“Some sixty-five years ago, members of the Canadian military played a significant role in the liberation of Belgium. Their bravery and sacrifice is something that many Belgians have never forgotten.

This video shows a contingent of Canadian soldiers marching down a road after attending a memorial service in Belgium. On the side of the road, waiting patiently is a young Belgian boy who salutes them. In response to the child’s salute, the troops are ordered to perform the Eyes Right Compliment, one that is commonly reserved for dignitaries reviewing troops and is one of the highest compliments that can be paid anyone by a passing contingent of soldiers. ”

Hats off to you boys(and gals) – Huzzah!

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