Surviving ‘The Great Pause’ one Coffee at a time

Steem Hive - The Great Pause

I’m holed up in my home office riding out ‘The Great Pause’ and surviving it one coffee at a time. How are you surviving the pause? Try some delicious coffee, here’s how I make it. Let me know how are you surviving The Great Pause? There could be some rewards!


I’ve coined what we are currently going through as “The Great Pause.” That goes for what is currently happening on Steem and more so what is happening with all the COVID-19 stuff. Everything is being postponed and paused until further notice. It’s important to ensure that we all follow the guidelines around social-distancing and try to keep healthy and clam given all the shutdowns.

Steem is another story, while the chain is stalled from moving forward with the sockpuppet witnesses people are still posting. And so they should. I’m still posting and taking a wait-and-see approach but still posting. There’s a lot of talk about Hive as I listen to the Steem Townhall. It is exciting and scary, all at the same time. I feel like there is some direction after hearing the Town Hall. There were a few Tron reps, briefly on the call, but they just reiterated that they are talking to Justin and hope to have answers soon, maybe in 24 hours. We’ll see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In the meantime here are a couple of links to a few posts on the subject of Hive:

So, how am I surviving all this uncertainty? Coffee!

I recently visited Italy, last fall, a while before all this COVID-19 started. If you know me I drink a lot of coffee and usually have a brewed cup or an Americano as my preferred drink. That is until I discovered the Moka pot in Italy. OMG!


I start with a fine ground espresso roast. The darker the better in my mind. You’ll love the earthy, and rich chocolatey taste that comes out when you use a Moka pot.

Once you have your coffee ready fill the lower chamber with cold water up to the pressure valve and insert the filter.


Next, fill the filter to the top with the finely ground espresso coffee (or whatever coffee you like -needs to be a fine grind) and place it in the lower chamber.

Take the upper pot and check that the rubber flange is there and clean. Then screw it onto the lower chamber.


Place the Moka pot on the stove and begin to heat on a medium flame. The water in the lower chamber will begin to bubble up the filter and percolate into the upper chamber. You will hear it bubbling. At this point, you may need to turn the heat up if the boil is too slow or down if it’s exploding all over the top of the stove.


Keep the heat going until the percolating stops. You are now ready to pour the luscious libation into your coffee cup. Give the coffee a good stir before pouring. That’s all there is to it. The coffee you are about to enjoy should be delicious.


My wife and I enjoyed many cups of coffee overlooking the valley in Montepulciano. I’m thinking of friends and acquaintances there now during the COVID-19 outbreak.


How are you surviving these tumultuous and uncertain times and The Great Pause?

Post your story to #thegreatpause tag and I’ll see about awarding some FOODIE (like 5000 FOODIE) to the random post! Do you have a recipe to survive the home isolation? Are you storing, canning, or hodling toilet paper? Post your story.

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