OMG… Bigfoot Lives… err Not

Two men from Georgia, USA have posted a preliminary press release identifying themselves as finding a real bigfoot carcass.  According to Matthew Whitton (a.k.a. “Gary Parker”) and Rick Dyer as the carcass’ co-discoverers it’s “over 500 pounds” and “part human and part ape-like.”

Here’s a picture of the creature in a freezer courtesy of Bigfoot Global, LLC.  (at

Bigfoot Global, LLC.  (at

So, we all have to sit around and await the DNA ruling.   It should be interesting and entertaining.  The big announcement is supposed to take place on Friday, Aug. 15 from 12 to 1pm PST.  Lots of questions; who is the mysterious lab performing the DNA samples? will the carcass(body) be on display? Will 3rd party scrutiny be allowed…?  All these things, without which, will diminish anything said or shown at the press conference.

If these guys are serious hopefully they will open the carcass up to scrutiny.  If not, then I would have to just chalk them up to sensationalists trying to kick-start their website and tour business.

Guys… do the right thing.

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