Name the EXOMARS Rover CONTEST – 10SBD

It’s time for a contest! On Friday the European Space Agency launched its contest to name the ExoMars rover. I’ve entered the contest with dreams of winning. I thought that it would be bloody cool if a Steemian won the actual contest. To that end, I’m putting up 10SBD to open a contest for Steemians. I want you to come up with your own name for the ExoMars Rover[^1].

Due to launch in 2020, the UK-built rover is part of ESA’s ExoMars mission. It will investigate how Mars has evolved and whether there may be conditions for life.

Make sure you have a read of @fredrikaa’s post on the ESA’s contest for some background (give him a nice big upvote).

The European Space Agency wants YOU to name the next big rover going to Mars!

I wrote about my entry into the contest in a post called, Odessa – An Ode to Odyssey for ExoMars Rover if you want to have a look at what I thought and entered.

Now that you have a bit of a background here’s how to enter to have a chance at the 10SBD.

Contest Rules

In order to qualify for the Steem ExoMars Name Contest please complete the following:

  1. Enter the ExoMars Rover Name Contest at the AIRBUS site:
  2. Create a post about your ExoMars name entry, give us an explanation of your name, if you have one.
  3. Post must contain the tag:  exomars
  4. The post must contain a screenshot or the entry reference number from the AirBus site.
  5. Resteem this post (upvotes are not necessary, but appreciated.)
  6. Let us know – Paste a link to your post in the comments below.

The contest closes 7 days from now (Sunday, July 30th.) – midnight EST.

I’m also very excited to have @fredrikaa judge the entries. @fredrikaa is one of the co-founders of Steempress and Steempress witness.

Oh, one more thing. Be sure to pay attention to some of the basic rules from the ESA when placing your entry into the actual contest.

Basic rules[^2] for the ExoMars rover name:

  1. The name can be a single word, a short combination of words, or an acronym.
  2. It must not have been used for a past, current or proposed space mission.
  3. Ideas should be accompanied by an explanation of no more than 150 words.
  4. If a person’s name, that person must have died on/before 10 October 1993.
  5. Think hard! Only one name suggestion will be accepted from each entrant.

Come on Steemians! Lets’ see if one of us can name the ExoMars Rover!


Is your Witness dance card full? If not, vote for some of the good Witnesses below.



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