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Had a hard time locating a few DLL’s needed to create custom controls in K2 Smartforms.  After hunting around for a bit I managed to locate them. I wanted to share the location and some Visual Studio templates that I found to help with K2 Smartforms Custom Control development.

Was running around and going through the SmartForms custom control documentation.  I kept running into the SDK resources that needed to be added to the project as a reference. I took a look in the \Bin directory but could not locate the SDK resource files.  After looking around for a bit and downloading a few examples I finally located them.

This was one of the files SourceCode.Forms.Controls.Web.SDK.dll, it’s located in the bin folder of the K2 Designer web site.

When you are adding the file to the solution have a look here for it.  C:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl\K2 SmartForms Designer\bin

You can also download the K2 Extensions – VS 2010 Project Templates (Also a 2012 version of the templates) it has the resource files added.

Download the Visual Studio project templates here – http://www.k2underground.com/groups/visual_studio_project_templates_for_k2_blackpearl_extensions/default.aspx

The project templates available are:

  • Custom Inline Function
  • Custom Notification Provider
  • Custom Security Provider
  • Custom SmartForms Control (SmartForms 1.0.2 or later)
  • Custom Logging Extension
  • Custom Service Broker (Dynamic/Discovered Schema)
  • Custom Service Broker (Static/Described schema)
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