Instant coffee, from Starbucks?

Have you ever been stuck with no beans to grind?  Four-alarm emergency around the office.  Unfortunately, it happens to me all the time… use up the last coffee grounds at the office and forget to pick some up. It’s usually not until I go to make the first pot that I remember. DOH!

However, I also usually have a back-up of instant coffee (brand name withheld) but it is typically bitter and stale.  What can you do if you run out of your favourite beans(Starbucks-French Roast for me)?  persevere with the bitter instant until you remember to pick up your next load of beans.  Starbuck VIATM.

I was just out on a drive through run and I was offered a taste test. My first reaction – “Umm.  What did you say?” ; then, “No thanks…oh heck why not”.  I received the shot glass from the barista, cringed and took a sip. I’d have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  I didn’t smell burnt and the taste was actually pretty good.

I was able to snag a couple sample packets and just opened one.  The look of it is a lot more finely ground

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