I forgot my Steemiversary! I’m a 1 Year Old Steemian

Good grief, I really seem to be off-the-ball lately, if that is even a saying. Oh, maybe more like dropping the ball. I think it’s really related to juggling all the balls that I have in the air at the moment. Not only on Steemit but also in real life. Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my marbles.

Can I say that? In real life? I feel like Steemit/Discord is an alternate world that I escape to and get to play in. Both as an escape with my writing (when I can), and chatting/working with my global friends on Discord.

I joined Steemit on July 12th 2017. Yeah Me!

I’d like to use this post to send out a thank-you and highlight several folks that I have had the pleasure to interact with on Steemit (if I miss anyone please drop a comment in the bottom so that we can catch up.) So what the heck have I been up to over the past year? Let’s take a look and reminisce a little.

I think the questions is what have I not tried? Oh, maybe singing with @buckydurdle – there’s still time Bucky 😉 I met him early on in my Steemian journey. A fellow Canuck and Music teacher. He’s got a great studio setup and really involved in the music community. You need to see some of his videos.  He plays a mean fiddle.

Let’s go a bit more in chronological order. My first post was my introduction post. I was pretty nervous when I put it up. What was the response going to be? Who was going to comment? Was Steemit too good to be true? Am I doing it right?


Well, it turned out to be a great way to get going and test the waters out. In the end, I received 21 upvotes and 0.37 earnout on it. Meh. What could I really expect? I banged on.

One of the first things I did was to jump onto the MSP Discord server and start to find folks with common interests. It was also a great place to find out about Steemit and communities.

Jump on over to the MSP server if you are new to Steem.

MSP Discord Server

I mentioned that I was an amateur writer (if you read my introduceyourslef post) and had been working on a novel for about 10 years – still working on it. Give me a break. I’ve been busy.

It was on the MSP server that I met @Rhondak and @Gmuxx and started running with The Writers’ Block. I’ve spent the majority of my time in the Block, as a mod and honing my writing. I’m particularly proud of a few of the pieces. You can find one of them on SteemShelves – Disunity.

Here’s another one that I did for a writing prompt that I enjoyed writing. It’s called A.D.A.M. If you want to know more about me have a gander at my Meet the Writers’ Block” AMA. It really did turn out to be an AMA.

Here’s an excerpt from the AMA.

>If you had to choose between coffee and ice hockey, which one?
Man, totally not a fair question. Thankfully, I’m a scientist and quantum physics can save my ass here. Haroche and Wineland showed that an atom’s electrons can be in two places at the same time, I just need to condense my form into its base electrons and wham! I’ll either vaporize myself or I’ll be in two places at once. Voilà, Coffee and Hockey – so there. Choose between coffee and hockey. HA! Canadians drink 152 L of coffee per capita each year. Just try to stop me.

If you are interested in writing and workshops join us.

The Writers’ Block Discord server

I’ve also been involved a with the Veteran’s Community. There I met @rakkasan84 and @guiltyparties (I think we were on Steem.chat at the time) and through the community a great guy down under @jackmiller. If you are a veteran and can validate your service, come and visit us on Discord. We’re all on to support fellow veterans on Steem.

Military Veterans of Steemit Discord Server

It’s been quite a year on Steemit. I’ve seen the STEEM pump and dump, the flag wars and the coming of the bots. I’m still here and posting. I think Steem is still a pretty neat platform and will absolutely have value in the future. I’m betting a lot of time, energy and investment on that premise. Historically I think Steem is a fairly significant paradigm in both blogging or content creation and mainstreaming cryptocurrency adoption.

With all that said I’ve made 153 posts, 1,324 comments. I’ve placed 13,833 votes and I’ve received 4,635 votes.

Oh, check out the Steem Wars posts too – freaking hilarious – written with my cohorts – @negativer, @tanglebranch, @caleblailmusik and @belemoall on Steemshelves.

I certainly have not forgotten about all the great guys in the Silver and Gold community. Still getting my toes wet on the silver stacking. You guys have taught me a lot so far. Thanks for the guidance and encouragement @raybrockman, @silverd510, @thedamus and @sevinwilson.

Check out my 2018 silver rounds (I know not a proper unpacking post). It turned out to be a really nice round.

I’ve had the pleasure to meet and interact with hundreds of people. Feel free to drop a comment in this post to say “Hi!”

That’s about it. If you hang out long enough, you might just see me Riding through the channels, bareback. 🙂

Let’s catch up.

The following are my parts to the Steem Wars community-written, sci-fi parody serial.

Part 4: Steemwars – Mission 2 – Part 3 – Thank the Gods for the Red Shirts [COM RD 16]
Part 9: Steemwars – Mission 2 – Part 9 – The Limited Battle for the Square Planet [COM RD 18]

Is your Witness dance card full? If not, vote for some of the good Witnesses below.

Join us at The Writers’ Block on Discord.
A great community of writers there, helping each other get better at what they enjoy doing.

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