Georgetown Fall Fair Fun

We hit the fall fair and had a great time.

What a weekend! Our family took in the Georgetown fall fair and our son even entered our puppy, Caffrey, into the dog contest.  He’s a 10-month-old black Golden-Doodle.  He actually won a first place ribbon for the Softest  Coat.

There was a lot of different activities for the family to take in.  After the pet contest, the boys entered into a toy tractor pull, put on by the Agricultural Society.   They had a great time and even came away with a few ribbons.

Of course, after all that, we had to take a trip to the mid-way and the rides, the games and the candy floss.  Our youngest has a need for speed and has come to enjoy the Tilt-a-whirl.  The faster we spin it the more he laughs.  The mid-way had plenty of rides for the young ones and plenty of candy on hand.

Between the mid-way and the end of the day watching the FMX freestyle motocross, we were able to see some of the heavy horse show with the large Clydesdales.  Our boys were mesmerized by their size and our youngest even commented on how powerful they looked.  The team competition was a very good demonstration of that power.

We ended the day off by watching the gravity-defying, and highly dangerous, FMX freestyle motocross.  These young men did a great job and thankfully landed all their jumps.  It was a very exciting way to end the day at the Fair.

So, until next year.  I think it will be the 165th Georgetown Fall Fair… We’re all looking forward to it.

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