Buh-bye Tassimo, no more Starbucks

Kraft, what could you have been thinking? As a consumer, I feel like it’s the BETAMAX vs VHS or the Mac vs PC. Seems like I might have gone down the wrong path when I purchased my Tassimo last year. I thought it was the greatest, especially with the Starbucks coffee – come down in the morning, slap in some Starbucks and hit the brew button… presto.  I was extremely sad to see the news…

I was extremely sad to see the news, read it here [Warning: if you are a Tassimo owner and like Starbucks coffee do not read in the vicinity of your Tassimo] – After Spat With Starbucks, Kraft to Sell Gevalia at Grocer.

What are they thinking? Strikes me as a bit off – Gevalia?  This is a mail-order coffee company that happens to be owned by Kraft, sure it’s a company that has purveyed coffee and tea since 1853, but really can it stack up to Starbucks?  From what I’ve read… doesn’t seem to be the case.  Just do a quick search on Google.

I can see where Starbucks is coming from in terms of the business issues and why they want out.  Tassimo seems to be a closed proprietary system.  I never saw any Tassimo t-disks on sale in the Starbuck’s stores… little odd but seems consistent with the way Kraft was running things.

Now what?!   Honestly – Buh-bye Tassimo.  If anyone wants one, approx. a year old – $50 CDN – contact me.

I’m now considering a Keurig – www.keurig.com.

Why?  Well, it seems that Keurig is actually selling the technology or licensing (lots of different machines are available: Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart and others).  There seems to be a very wide variety of K-Cups for different brands; Green Mountain, Tully’s, Timothy’s, Newman’s, Caribou, Van Houtte… and so on.

Oh, and … Starbucks Coffee In Keurig Cup and we are now likely to find the K-Cups in Starbucks stores… what a concept.

In my opinion, it’s the DEATH of the TASSIMO.

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