A little chatbot to play with for 2019

AI and Chatbots will become more prevalent in our day-to-day interactions

“Hey, Google. What are the AI predictions for 2019?”

“My apologies, I don’t understand.”

That’s about all you can expect from the Google assistant, and pretty much most of the smart speakers out there. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Google assistant and the speech recognition has come a long, long way from when I first started working in AI. You no longer have to train them for your vocal nuances and inflection.

So, what about this year? I think this year is going to be all about automation and actually getting past the hype to solving problems. AI and Machine Learning are great tools for processing and categorizing information. It removes the human factor from mundane tasks that are error-prone when we are involved. Look for more Robotics and Automation.

Interfaces are changing. How many times have you spoken to your phone, in hands-free mode, to dictate a text message or ask for directions? We will move to more spoken interfaces over the next few years. 2019 will see the introduction of products that focus on spoken interfaces to simplify user interaction. Just think text-to-speech was first demonstrated in 1939 by AT&T Bell labs at the World’s Fair. Think of today’s companies like Amazon, Spotify, Tesla moving the technology forward. Conversational Interfaces. h

More and more Machine Learning systems are outperforming professionals at diagnostics. The latest systems are spotting skin cancer at a faster and more accurate rate than Doctors.

In an experiment between a deep learning convolutional neural network (or CNN) and 58 dermatologists, researchers found that human dermatologists accurately identified 86.6 percent of skin cancers from a range of images, compared to 95 percent for the CNN.


That being said, CNN can analyse and compare 100,000’s of images and mass amounts of data to come to its conclusion. We still need Doctors to ensure that those systems are trained, and that clinical applications and direction is taken with patients. What it does mean though is that earlier diagnosis may happen and that may help save lives. Diagnostics.

I’m building my own little personal chatbot called Fandangle. He’ll be ready shortly. It will be a persona-bot with a few of my little quirks and mannerisms. Always told my boys that I’m going to build a chatbot to nag them into the next century.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming year for AI and Machine Learning?

images: from Pixabay

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